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I’m Lee-Anne Scott, and I started The Coaches Kitchen with James Scott, because I am fed-up of seeing so many amazing coaches buckling under the pressure of trying to build a thriving business, without suffering from burnout.
My goal is to help you stock-up on all the essential ingredients you need in your “coaching pantry” to help you build a consistent monthly income that you can rely on without selling your soul.
But for now, most of all I wanted to say hello and welcome you to the “kitchen table” where I hope we’ll be spending many hours together collaborating, getting inspired, supporting each other and most importantly building thriving businesses that will give us all the FREEDOM to HEAL the WORLD.

Building The Coaches Kitchen has been the culmination of years of personal experience, lots of passion, love and …yes sometimes tears of frustration. We have spent more than a year mixing, kneading and proofing, just waiting for the proverbial PING! of the oven.

Be sure to drop us your email and I'll send you bite-sized pieces of information explaining each of the key ingredients that you can expect to find inside The Coaches Kitchen and why I think it's important for you.


I can't wait to get to you know more!!

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About Us

The Coaches Kitchen is a marketing and affiliate platform, built to support Health Coaches with their marketing efforts, as well as providing a proven framework within in which to promote their digital products to reach a wider audience. It also includes multiple revenue earning opportunities, to help Health Coaches build in monthly stability to give them the freedom to truly live their purpose.


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