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How Will An Extra $5000 EVERY Month Change Your Life?
Knowing How To Consistently Monetize The Work You LOVE Doing Will Help You Build A CONSISTENT And PREDICTABLE Monthly Income, Giving You The Freedom To Change The World.
The Freedom To Play BIG!
What you need is a your very own Marketing Department.
A toolbox full of tested templates. Ready-to-go campaigns. A library of relevant affiliate products to choose from or a place to host your own products to generate revenues. Resources to woo your leads. A platform to earn ongoing monthly income.
Without the headache of all the ADMIN.
It is proven, if someone buys from you just once, even if just for a $1, they are 7x more likely to buy from you again... and again...and again.
As a Health Coach, what you need is access to a platform that keeps your prospects engaged, excited and moving closer to buying your big ticket programmes month after month.
You're too smart to think that Blog posts and Facebook Likes are enough to achieve this.
You’re looking for actual sales and leads, in a way that you can switch it on or off. You’re looking for real ROI. Real money in the bank to pay the bills and to turn your vision into reality.
Guess what? You’ve come to the right place…
At The Coaches Kitchen you’ll get access to all the tools and all the support you need to grow your active & your residual income month after month.
Are you ready to book that trip of lifetime?
You can because you'll keep earning while you're away recharging your batteries and spending quality time with your family and taking care of you!
Introducing: The Coaches Marketplace
A PLATFORM FOR HEALTH COACHES: Host Your Own Products  AND Collaborate With Other Health Coaches To Earn Together!
 A platform where you can host all your digital products including ebooks, audio programs and courses.

New information and products added every week, so there are always fresh and exciting new products to promote!
Join Health Coaches from around world and get access to the Ultimate Health Coaches Resources.
Like what you see? to get started and see how your business can grow.
About Us

The Coaches Kitchen is a marketing and affiliate platform, built to support Health Coaches with their marketing efforts, as well as providing a proven framework within in which to promote their digital products to reach a wider audience. It also includes multiple revenue earning opportunities, to help Health Coaches build in monthly stability to give them the freedom to truly live their purpose.


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