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Frustrated With Social Media? With Email Marketing? Trying To Figure Out How To Keep Enough Leads Coming In...And Doing Awesome Work? You're Not Alone!
The so called social media gurus are telling you that you have to “build engagement” but don’t tell you how. They tell you to build your list, but don't show you how.
We don't only tell you EVERYTHING. We actually hold your hand and GIVE YOU ALL THE TOOLS you need in one place so you can DO IT!
We’ve dived into the why its working...so you don't have to.
We're on top of all the trends… and we set a few along the way.
Don’t post another status update without exploring The Coaches Kitchen's Ultimate resources for Health Coaches.

Introducing: The Coaches Kitchen's Resources for Health Coaches

           Multiple Tools to build an ongoing monthly income, from the work you already LOVE doing.


         A virtual Marketing Department with a store cupboard full of templates, checklists, how-to’s, outlines and more, giving YOU the time to focus on learning all you can about HEALTH and NUTRITION, and not wasting hours trying to learn how to do Marketing.


          A simple, easy to use, email marketing system with all the automation pre-loaded, to help you spread your love and butter up your potential clients, smoothing the way to paying customers.


      AND... most importantly, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you optimize and improve your campaigns so your business is able to rise and rise.


     You will also have the opportunity to sell your wares in The Coaches Marketplace, a platform that makes it easy for you to not only grow your product sales, but also to collaborate with other Health Coaches.


 We saved the BEST for LAST...
A Meal planner and Recipe library built especially for HEALTH COACHES to save you time, and give you an opportunity to earn a growing passive income
So as you can see, it's all very exciting, and we are just waiting for you to join us inside The Coaches Kitchen...so we can get cooking!!
Start implementing client winning strategies with our library of templates, affiliate products and menu planning software right now by joining
The Coaches Kitchen TODAY!


About Us

The Coaches Kitchen is a marketing and affiliate platform, built to support Health Coaches with their marketing efforts, as well as providing a proven framework within in which to promote their digital products to reach a wider audience. It also includes multiple revenue earning opportunities, to help Health Coaches build in monthly stability to give them the freedom to truly live their purpose.


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