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 Healthy Recipes by Health Coaches for Clients
   Nurture Your Prospective Clients       Get Paid Every Month      
 Be a KEY part of the BIGGEST Health Coaching Recipe Collaboration and make a real difference, whilst loving your freedom!

As a member of The Coaches Kitchen, you get all the support and tools you need to set-up and load your Meal planner & Recipe Plugin, so you are ready to start growing a consistent and reliable monthly revenue from your Health Coaching Business.  
 Built-in Marketing Tools

We also show you how to use all the built-in marketing tools to help you nurture your prospective clients so you never have to feel salesy!



Healthy Recipes & Meal Plans 

 Get paid to develop healthy recipes and write healthy meal plans every month for your business!

AND...Get Access to the library of healthy meal plans for various dietary needs, suitable even if you live in a Red State.



 Is the process you follow to attract interested prospects, so you can turn them into paying clients


 Are you a HEALTH COACH tired of living on the FEAST or FAMINE rollercoaster?
Would you like to have a more consistent and reliable income from your Health Coaching business, so that you can reach more people without burning yourself out?

The problem is that the business landscape has changed so much with the internet and mobile era, and doing a few 1:1 Health Histories a week just isn’t enough to guarantee a steady stream of clients anymore.
You’re only one unexpected bill away from disaster
Even if it did, with the ever increasing costs of living, selling your time for money, just leaves you feeling burnt-out and broke. I know how disheartening it is, when you are giving 100%, watching everyone on social media seeming to be rocking it, but you still feel like you never really get off the starting block, and even when you do make progress, you’re only one unexpected bill away from disaster.

It’s not that you are doing anything wrong, meeting people face to face is an essential part of building a business…the problem is that your Health Coaching business is missing a side order of recurring revenue from complementary services and products.
 You're missing a side order of recurring revenue...

As a Health Coach, one of the most effective ways to nurture our prospective clients is through meal planning, however, it can be very time-consuming and it doesn’t make sense to do it if you’re not earning from it.
Until now…

*** INTRODUCING the Meal planner & Recipe Plugin for Health Coaches ***
With The Coaches Kitchen Meal Planner, you can start earning a monthly, recurring income from developing healthy recipes and writing healthy mealplans for your clients…AND get access to a library of done-for-you meal plans that keeps growing and growing!
BUT here’s what makes this an ABSOLUTE game-changer for Health Coaches.

If you start by selling a low-ticket item to your prospective client at $22/month, you have the opportunity to nurture an ongoing relationship and build trust with your client which naturally ascends them to your higher ticket items, without you having to keep saying ‘Buy from Me’ ‘Buy from Me’. You finally have legitimate reason to email your list every day or every week...without having to spend all your time writing sales copy. 

FUN FACT: If someone has bought from you once they are 7X more likely to buy from you again…and again…and again.
So you can see, by nurturing your client every week, with delicious meals and encouraging emails (which are all auto-generated for you through The Coaches Kitchen Email Manager), the likelihood of ascending them into your 1:1 Coaching Program is 7x more likely!

It's easy to use, even if you're not a techy!!
Getting set-up is easy, and we’ll be there every step of the way to guide you…you can even choose to have it all done for you by one of our team, if the thought of technology sends your brain in to a tailspin.
Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to get started:
1. for The Coaches Kitchen Mealplanner & Recipe Plugin and ACTIVATE your Account
2. Complete your registration by updating your Profile details and entering your payout details (so we know where to send your monthly commissions)
3. Load the Plugin onto your website (Don’t worry it is easy :-) and we’ll help you!)
4. Upload all your favorite healthy recipes into the Library with a link back to your website so you benefit from all the additional traffic as well as the advantages of cross-linking (don’t worry if this sounds technical, this is all automatically done for you and helps to show the search engines you’re worth taking a look at…pretty cool?)
5. Build a healthy Meal plan from all your recipes and/or browse the library of recipes from other Health Coaches (as we grow together, the library will grow and grow)
6. Choose which of your clients to send the meal plan to and Voila, we do the rest.
7. Each day (or once a week depending on the client’s preferences), your client gets a little reminder to check the menu for the day, with a few little encouraging tips to incorporate healthy habits into their day. There will be opportunities throughout to prompt the client to sign-up for one of your courses, to purchase your products or to sign-up for your 1:1 Coaching Program.
8. Testing & Optimizing – our secret sauce, is that we help you test and see what is working and what needs to be tweaked to give you the best results, with years of digital marketing experience and a few certifications along the way, we want to share our knowledge with you so you can grow and grow!

Working together we are able to build a library of healthy, tasty meals and recipes, ensuring thar every palette is catered for and every condition has a scrumptious menu to choose from. 
Health Coach approved recipes and meal plans!
  •   Choose from healthy recipes developed by you and other health coaches 

  •   OR choose a meal plan from the library when you don’t have time to do your own and share the commission that month with the Coach who wrote the plan

  •   Write meal plans and get paid when other coaches use your plans for their clients

  •   Earn $11 a month for every client who signs-up, and keep earning every month for as long as the clients stays onbaord

  •   Get visible and build your credibility as a Health Coach across the world - you always get credit for your recipes

YES!…you really can add a recurring revenue just by doing what you love, and you'll build a funnel full of eager, happy and ready-to-buy prospective clients for your 1:1 Coaching Programs.

So are you ready to be part of building the most comprehensive library of Healthy Recipes by Health Coaches?


We Can't wait to try out some of your delicious creations!!
You also get all this included with your Membership:  
 A Virtual Marketing Department full of resources to help you manage and grow your online presence, cut through the overwhelm and stay organized.

The Coaches Marketplace a platform for you to sell your digital products and courses AND find relevant affiliate products to supplement your monthly income.

Ongoing Masterclasses and 1:1 support to help you learn all you need to know about building your business online, without getting overwhelmed by all the tech stuff.

Built in SEO and Marketing tools, so you don’t have stress about how it all works

You get to be part of the biggest collaboration on Healthy Recipes by Health Coaches with endless possibilities!!
If you didn’t have to sell your TIME for money, what could an extra $1000, or even $5000, a month do for you?
For most of us it means being able to go on vacation worry free, or to leave a 9-5 job that feels like it’s sucking the life out of you.
BUT it also means you can play bigger, take more risks and do more. You can take on that DREAM project regardless of finding the funding, you can work with a group you feel passionate about helping even if they can’t pay.
I am not saying you should do things for free, but we all have those projects we dream of doing, but can’t do when we’re worrying about the bills at the end of the month.
My dream project is veggie gardens at schools, but many schools don’t have the budget to participate.
We all have a ‘Dream Project’ we keep putting off until we have the money.
What is your DREAM project?
Let’s start building a better world, by living a better live.


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